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What Does It Cost To Own A Timeshare?


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February 9, 2021

This article will blow your mind. Have you ever done the math on what it REALLY costs to “own” a timeshare?

We’re going to outline a few different scenarios in this post to which one, if not all, should relate to you.

First, let’s start with the person who has never bought a timeshare.

The American Resort Development Association (ARDA), stated back in 2012 that the average cost of a timeshare is around $19,000.

Furthermore, ARDA said in December of 2018 that the annual maintenance fee for timeshares is $1,000.

Timeshares are known for the yearly maintenance fees that need to be paid, whether you use it or not. What’s not talked about so often or understood (unless you have owned a timeshare) is the fact maintenance fees tend to rise each year.

With these give statistics provided by ARDA, buying a timeshare (in most cases) is going to cost you somewhere in the neighborhood of $19,000 with an annual maintenance fee of about $1,000.

Now, we understand some ownerships can sell for more than 5x this amount, but we’re going to be conservative and go with the average price point of $19,000. We also know the same applies to maintenance fees, but as stated about the purchase price, we’ll stay with the average.

1st Time Buyer + 1st Year Ownership = $20,000 on average.

  • Keep in mind that this is if the average price point for a timeshare hasn’t risen since 2012.

Now, let’s get into scenario two and say this particular owner holds onto that timeshare for 10 more years.

We will also assume the maintenance fees DO NOT go up one cent over the next ten years (which, they will).

1st Year Ownership ($20,000) + 10 More Years Ownership = $30,000

Okay, it’s time to get more realistic.

In this third scenario, we’re going to lay out the reality of the situation that really blows people’s minds.

Unless a customer is loaded with cash to just blow on a $20,000 product, financing is the second-best option.

This more than likely isn’t the case for most timeshare customers because if you had cash lying around in your bank account that you can just blow on vacation activities it would make much more sense to just invest in your own vacation home that you can go to whenever you’d like. You’d also possibly be able to resell your vacation home for a good profit down the road, unlike a timeshare.

So, let’s say this first-time purchaser needs to use financing in order to buy the timeshare.

1st Year Ownership = $20,000 (on average) + 17.99% Interest Financing + 10 More Years Ownership ($10,000 in maintenance fees) = $128,233.25


Want to know the craziest part?

This equation is wrong. The number is actually higher…


Because we made this equation based on you paying off the balance in 11 years total and didn’t even increase the maintenance fees for every year.

Will you have it paid off in 11 years? That’s up for you to decide.

What is not up for you to decide is how much the maintenance fees go up and when. You’ll always have to pay those fees for the entirety of your ownership.

This equation also leaves out another very important point. We didn’t factor in any type of assessment fee. Yikes!

By now, you can see why buying even an average timeshare at the average price can start to amount to A LOT of money.

If someone ever tries to make you believe timeshares are a great investment and you can sell them. Please, do your research first!

*Please remember these are just examples and can differ for everyone. You can pay much less than this for a timeshare and you can pay much more for one.

As always, we hope you’ve enjoyed the article! If you have any questions or concerns, please, let us know by visiting Https://


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