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Learn: The Timeshare Resale Market On Ebay


Timeshare Help Source


March 17, 2021

When thinking about how to sell your timeshare, your first thought may be a place eBay.

Like many people, the thought of getting out of a timeshare by themselves is exactly what they’ve been looking for. So naturally, sites like eBay come to mind because of its large number of visits from people all over the world interested in all different things (free marketing).

The problem here is, many people overprice their timeshare on the resale market. The thought that “it must be worth ‘x’ amount if I’ve paid this much into it” is a very common suggestion among timeshare owners entering the resale market for the first time.

So, what’s the going rate for timeshares on the resale market?

That depends on what you own and what you’re willing to accept for it. Also, how badly you want out of your timeshare.

Some people want thousands for their timeshare because the salesperson told them it was “a good investment”.

Others, just want out of the timeshare no matter the financial loss.

Both of these types of people can be seen in the screenshots below.

First, we will start with an overpriced (in our opinion) timeshare ownership.

Screenshot from showing timeshare for sale listing

This individual want’s $7,500 for his/her timeshare. Then, you’re responsible for the maintenance fees every single month or year…

Not to mention any assessment fees that may get thrown your way. And yes, they’re mandatory. Both of them.

That’s right, both the maintenance fees and assessment fees are to be paid regardless if you use the timeshare ownership or not. As long as you own it, you are required to pay these fees.

There are other costs that go into owning a timeshare as well…

If you’re thinking of buying a timeshare, you should read this article on how much it costs to own a timeshare on our blog page.

Now, what about the individual who’s had enough of paying for something they either don’t use or can’t use it the way they intended to?

Well, they’re one of the many people willing to let their timeshare go for less than $1. Really? One dollar?


In fact, as of today (01/02/2020), there are 373 timeshares listed on for less than $1.00 😕

See the screenshot below:

Screenshot showing timeshares under $1 on

What may not get thought of very often is the fact that there are transfer fees that need to be paid to the resort when even just giving your timeshare away for a dollar on eBay or to anyone for that matter.

That’s if you can find someone who wants to take on the concrete commitment of paying maintenance fees and or anything else associated with the timeshare.

Your $1 timeshare could now exceed several hundred dollars and in some cases, several thousand dollars in cost depending on what you own and with who.

Does this process work for some people?

Yes, some people get rid of their timeshare on sites like eBay.

However, if you want to avoid the headache, the possible loss of time and just want the #1 solution…

Our company, Timeshare Help Source helps all of our approved clients with unwanted timeshares.

Timeshare Help Source is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and can prove our results with a one of a kind track record alongside referrals.

Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation & get your questions answered!


As always, we hope you’ve enjoyed this article and have found it useful. If you would, please like, share & comment to spread awareness and possibly help someone! Thanks!


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