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Timeshare Resales

A collection of posts about Illustration and our creative process.

Timeshare Resales

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3 Falsehoods and Truths About Timeshares

Timeshares are something you should stay far away from. If someone tries to invite you to a timeshare sales meeting for a gift, don't go. However, if you do find yourself in front of someone trying to sell you a timeshare, do not stay there and talk to them. Get out of that room or area as quickly as possible.


What If I Stop Paying My Maintenance Fees?

If you own a timeshare, you are responsible for paying the monthly or annual maintenance fees whether you use the timeshare or not. Even if you've paid the initial purchase price down to $0.00, you will never pay off the maintenance fees. What's worse is maintenance fees increase at 2-4% every year. And it doesn't stop there...

Learn: The Timeshare Resale Market On Ebay

When thinking about how to sell your timeshare, your first thought may be a place eBay. Like many people, the thought of getting out of a timeshare by themselves is exactly what they’ve been looking for...